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One of the most ancient and impressive monuments of the area is the chapel of Agios Mnasonas, the remains of which are located in the southwestern side of the village and are dated back to 300 A.D. According to tradition, past residents of Potamiou built the chapel at the location where Agios Mnasonas used to live in the period when he taught Christianity with his miracles and virtue. 
Under the chapel there are catacombs with ventilations on the walls. Placed in one of these catacombs of the chapel is a holy relic, the left arm of the Saint. The Department of Antiquities began intensive maintenance efforts in 2008 in order to restore the chapel. However, these works will not be continued in 2009 and for this reason the community is searching for sponsors to finance the completion of the restoration works.      

A Venetian bridge in the southern side of the village is one of the most beautiful sights of Potamiou. The Venetians built the bridge to connect Potamiou with the villages of Vouni and Koilani, which were commercial and cultural centres at the time. At the same area there are two very significant trails which the community of Potamiou is making efforts to register as Nature Trails. 

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