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Natural Environment
Nature has dressed a large part of the land in Potamiou with its most beautiful colours. As Karouzis remarks, the edges of the vineyards and the uncultivated pieces of land are given a particular colour by wild vegetation.    A dominating spot in the village is possessed by viticulture with varieties which are mainly used for the production of wine, although this appears limited in relation to the past. In particular, ever since the 90’s, viticulture has begun to decrease since it was no longer particularly profitable.  

Apart from vineyards, fruit trees such as apple, pear, apricot and peach trees, as well as various vegetables, are cultivated in Potamiou. There are also some olive trees which constitute small “brushworks” in the village’s landscape. 

Various species of birds and reptiles constitute the fauna of Potamiou. Sparrows playing carefree and nightingales singing sweetly constitute only some of the many beautiful images you will “encounter” while strolling around Potamiou.   

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